"Perfection is reached not when there is no longer anything to add,
but when there’s nothing to take away"
- Antonie de St.Exupéry

WISDOM is a 32-bit operating system with a primitive shell implemented. It is copyrighted under GNU/GPL license. WISDOM is also a research into the field of design of operating system. Operating System Development has been in the shadow in recent times. This is an effort to throw light into the design of an operating system which is an extensive and exciting field.

The project was done by students as an academic project( mini project, VII semester ) for Madras University.

WISDOM is an OS created to boot from a floppy and communicate with parallel and serial ports. WISDOM will be particularly useful in a diskless system to communicate with external devices.

WISDOM implements the CLI. The boot screens and the console can be viewed online under screen shots section.

To start with WISDOM, see the online manuals and the download the binaries and the source code.

The development environment included software like GNU C/DELORIE DJGPP, NASM, Bochs, Raw write utilities and a WIN 2000/GNU/LINUX platform. By default, booting happens in real mode.

For more help or information about WISDOM you can always contact tt_atina [at] yahoo.co.in or karthick.ramachandran [at] gmx.net


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