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System Manual
User Manual

System Manual

This manual describes where and how a free distribution of WISDOM can be downloaded for study and development purposes and how it is compiled. The source code and binary files of WISDOM can be downloaded from http://wisdom.sourceforge.net. For now the OS can be compiled in NTVDM environment under Win 9x or Win 2000 or Win XP environment.

The DJGPP compiler is used for the compilation of the C programs of the OS. NASM is used as the assembler. For a working version of the software in Linux environment or GCC compiler the leading “_ “ symbols in the assembler file has to be removed.To create the kernel image of the OS, supply the command,

make –f makefile

   in the kernel directory of the distribution. This command will compile the C files and finally will produce a raw kernel image. The kernel image is then written from the second(1) sector of the floppy using some raw write utilities like copyboot. The easiest way to compile and write the OS into the floppy is to issue the command wisdom.

This command calls a batch file will automatically invoke the make file and after successful compilation call copyboot to write into the sectors of the floppy. It assumes that copyboot.exe is present in the path system variable.

After writing the kernel into the floppy, the boot sector also has to be written into it. It can be written by invoking the command bootsector.

This batch file will invoke the nasm assembler to compile the boot.asm file and it produces the binary file boot.bin which the batch file writes into the first(0) sector of the floppy.

nasm -f bin ../boot/boot.asm -o ./boot.bin
copyboot boot.bin 0
del boot.bin

User Manual

This manual describes gives a simple outline on how to boot the kernel and use it .

After following the installation issues in the System Manual, the kernel and the bootsector would be installed in the floppy. Now to start using the operating system, the first boot device of the bios must be set to the floppy drive.

Insert the floppy disk into the drive and switch on the power supply. The system will boot and the kernel will be loaded by the boot sector. The initial boot messages would be printed in the screen and on the press of a key the control is transferred to the login screen. The default user name and password for WISDOM is “kiran” (excluding the quotes). The password can always be changed by recompiling the kernel.

On entering the correct username and password, the user is taken in to a user-friendly console environment. WISDOM provides an array of commands using which the user can invoke the system calls and can work with them. The commands are

	cls			-	cls
	echo			-	echo <message >
	shutdown 		- 	shutdown
	exit			-	exit
	openparallelport	-	openparallelport
	openserialport		-	openserialport
	pin			-	pin <port index>
	pout			- 	pout <port index><data to be sent>
	sin			-	sin <port index>
	sout 			- 	sout <portindex> <data to be sent>
	date			-	date
	time			-	time
	setdate			-	setdate dd/mm/yy
	settime			-	settime hh:mm:ss



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